July 28, 2015


RiseatNight_WebsiteFeature RISE AT NIGHT TICKET GIVE-A-WAY WEEKEND! We are giving a way a pair of tickets during Friday night's House Party feat. Darku J​ + KREWX​ and a pair Sat during The TakeOver feat. Dj Kylie​ + DJ...

Oh Snap Pix July 25th, 2015

Oh Snap Pix from July 25th, 2015 featuring Darku J + Zach Fast. [gallery columns="6" ids="5125,5126,5127,5128,5129,5130,5131,5132,5133,5134,5135,5136,5137,5138,5139,5140,5141,5142,5143,5144,5145,5146,5147,5148,5149,5150,5151,5152,5153,5154,5155,5156,5157,5158,5159,5160,5161,5162,5163,5164,5165,5166,5167,5168,5169,5170,5171,5172,5173,5174,5175,5176,5177,5178,5179,5180,5181,5182,5183,5184,5185,5186,5187"]

House Party this Friday Night feat. Darku J + KrewX + The Runway__Friday, July 24th, 2015

House Party this Friday Night feat. Darku J + KrewX + The Runway Friday, July 24th, 2015 Electric Circus Dance Club [video width="854" height="480" mp4="http://electriccircusclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/HousePartyPromo.mp4"][/video]  
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The TakeOver Pix feat. DJ abSRd + DJ Kylie__July 4th, 2015

The TakeOver Party Pix feat. DJ abSRd + DJ Kylie July 4th, 2015 Electric Circus 222 E First Street [gallery columns="6" ids="5069,5070,5071,5072,5073,5074,5075,5076,5077,5078,5079,5080,5081,5082,5083,5084,5085,5086,5087,5088,5089,5090,5091,5092,5093,5094,5095,5096,5097,5098,5099,5100,5101,5102,5103,5104,5105,5106,5107,5108,5109" orderby="rand"]