Oh Snap!

Oh Snap!


Oh Snap!


Oh Snap!


Tulsa’s most versatile DJ, Moody brings his veteran EDM skills to Electric Circus on the occasional (4th) fourth Saturday of the month (those with five weekends), for his Epic dance party RAGE! Moody brings guest DJ’s from local to regional to showcase. DJ Moody also spins his monthly “Vintage” 80’s-90’s hip hop dance party at Enso…..


BOOM! with DJ Kylie and Crystal Vision (OKC) every second Saturday of the Month for an insane EDM party! Katie, Brian B of Crystal Vision and DJ Kylie of Panic! join forces to crush the dance floor with hard EDM and insane party dance tracks.         You can find Crystal Vision DJing every…..

Oh Snap!

Oh Snap! Is The most insane Let Loose Fun Times Party Going on The last Saturday Of Every Month At Electric Circus! Free Entry! Full Bar!! Kick Ass DJ’s! A Monthly To Make You Say OH SNAP! Oh Snap! is DJ Darku J and DJ Just Jon. Oh Snap is a monthly dance party on the…..



Panic! Spins the hardest EDM music and with four DJs. Panic! dance parties goes hard and kills with tons of confetti and visuals. Panic! crew is Dj’s Kylie, Falkirk and Samurai Jack, VJ Xylo Sesame, Hostess Julz, guest party photographers and out of town guest DJ’s! Check out Panic! Every (3rd) third Saturday of the month…..

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Oh Snap! Episode #15

Oh Snap! #15 featuring Darku J & Just Jon.