Rebel Bass

Rebel Bass is the newest monthly at Electric Circus. Drumaddic + Dj Kylie = BASS MUSIC.



Drumaddic is the musical alias of Gerry Westby, who has been DJing under the name since 2001. His massive DJ sets and turntablist skills have earned him a strong fan base in the Midwest and have also caught the attention of many well-known artists over the years. In 2005, he and Agent K combined forces to produce “Start the Panic!” on Afterdark Records. That same year, his own label Subkulture Records released the DJ mix “Fear”, which met with critical acclaim from fans.

The Subkulture label was named after the infamous record store which Drumaddic founded in Tulsa. Built from the ground up for DJs and fans of dance music, the store specialized in breakbeat, drum & bass, and house music. The store was known throughout the midwest for having one of the best selections of quality music and rare tracks. Subkulture finally closed its doors in 2007 due to declining sales in the vinyl market, but its contribution to the music scene in Tulsa lives on to this day.

Drumaddic has recently begun production on his own original tracks and remixes, as well as collaborating with numerous artists for both production and to provide scratch samples. In addition to his performances and production, he has plans to offer his experience to the new generation of DJs. Beginning in 2012, his Subkulture DJ Academy will offer education on all aspects of DJing from beginner to advanced. This will be a very exciting year for this dance music veteran and it looks like the best is yet to come!

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